Pop Goes The Splint

Alternate title: My Pony Really Wants A Vacation

So after three days of not being able to get anywhere because trees were blocking most roads, I finally made it to the barn yesterday. Though the barn still has no power, the only damage was a few downed fence posts, so we got lucky there! The ring was in great shape and Dino hadn't been worked in a while, so I hopped on to go for a ride.

I noticed that he felt off. At first I thought that he was probably a little sore from being in for 4 days and then running around like a fruitloop in turnout that morning. Every once in a while he took a funny step, then seemed to work out of it, and then felt off again. So I got off and put him on the lunge line, and noticed a slight lameness in his left front leg. It was more pronounced in a slow jog, and almost impossible to see at an extended trot and canter, but the shortness of step was there. Upon further inspection of his leg, I found A LUMP. Not even visible, but palpable, there was a lovely little swelling on the inside of his left front leg, right under the knee. Thankfully it wasn't warm or sensitive to the touch, and is most likely just a popped splint. Hopefully some ice and time off will have him good as new once more. Dino has a few other old, set splints, so I'm confident he'll recover from this one just fine.

In other news, WE HAVE POWER! Last night our electric finally came back on and it is SO NICE to be able to sit in my warm, lit house enjoying a cup of coffee and internet access. Max is absolutely thrilled to be back home and warm after being alternately freezing cold and tied to a table in my mother in law's kitchen over the past few days.

I hope everyone who was affected by the hurricane is able to find a place to stay warm, shower,  and get a hot meal. If anyone in the area is in need of any of those things, PLEASE let me know! I would be more than happy to host you at our humble little apartment.


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