Fingers Crossed For Drainage

Abscesses are irritating.

I've been through the ringer with soaking, packing, and wrapping over the last few days. A few days ago it seemed we were out of the woods with this one; Dino's foot was stone cold and his weird puffy vein was down to normal size. But then the next day it was nice and warm again with a big ol' swollen vein. More soaking. More packing. More wrapping.

Since the abscess itself is located near his toe close to where his shoe is, he's completely sound on that foot unless he happens to step on a rock in just the right way so that it hits the sensitive spot, otherwise he is 100% fine. The dang thing is SO close to coming out, I can depress the area with just my thumbs, so I decided to help it along a bit by lancing a few holes in the abscess site, disinfecting like crazy, and re-wrapping to keep it clean. Dino was NOT a fan. But hopefully this will allow any infectious material to drain out easily and start the healing process.

Keep your fingers crossed for drainage!


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