Deductive Reasoning FTW

I went out to check on Dino today, and his puffy vein was still puffy. Exactly the same puffy as it was on Saturday.

Thankfully, my brilliant friend and partner in crime Jess was also there, and pointed out that since the vein was distended with what could reasonably be assumed to be excess blood, then there was probably an injury somewhere in the area of the vein or below that the body was pumping the extra blood to.

She's so smart.

So I felt around his leg and foot more carefully. Today was exceptionally cold, so I was able to feel a difference in heat much better than when the problem first cropped up, and what do you know, Dino's left front foot was definitely warmer than his right. Clue #1.

We proceeded to the lunge line, and any sign of body soreness was GONE. Dino was quite happy for the chance to move around, and was doing his Wild Arabian Stallion impression complete with happy bucks and nose-on-the-ground extended trot. He looked fantastic, except for the rare step in which he landed a bit harder on his right front foot, or a bit shorter in the left. Clue #2.

And finally, Clue #3: My suspiscions rising, I took a closer look at Dino's foot. Lo and behold, I discovered a telltale soft spot on his sole right near his toe.

People, I think we're dealing with an abscess here. THANK GOODNESS. Dino loves getting abscesses. Between the Cushing's, which can compromise the immune system and make him more susceptible to infection, his naturally soft feet, the recent wet weather, and his penchant for running around on rocks, hoof abscesses are pretty routine. A little ichthamol, a little hot pink vet wrap, a little soaking, and we'll be good as new in a few days.


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