It's Not The Size Of The Horse That Matters...

It's the size of his heart.

And Dino's is HUGE. Below is a blurry teaser photo of him jumping the ever-loving snot out of an oxer:

"Hey Mom... I want to play in the Highs next time."
In short, he was absolutely amazing today and convinced me even further that I own the most incredible pony in the universe. He, of course, trailered like a pro all by himself, and warmed up like he owned the place. We got FORWARD down pat, and there were no fights before our rounds. I made sure to trot and canter around the warmup ring before we went in for each class, and that helped a ton to pump Dino up and get his game face on. We ended up with two 5th place ribbons (and probably would have had a third one if I hadn't forgotten where I was going halfway through the second jump-off... whoops. we had to take the scenic route for that one) and a ton of compliments from other competitors and trainers. He pretty much has a fan club on our local circuit now.

Overall I was INCREDIBLY pleased with how he went, and I got to wear my new show coat which is pretty and makes me happy. We didn't put in any blazing fast jump-off rounds, but they were SO much better than last time, and I felt like every course went smoothly. We can always add more speed later! I think Dino still thinks that horse shows = slow and steady from his show hunter days, and we just need to teach him that galloping is good! Time to get out on the trail and let 'er rip, I say.

To top off a fantastic morning at the horse show, a few hours after we got home Dino also did pony ride duty for my barn owner's big family party. The loud band, revving engines, small children, and people popping out of nowhere didn't faze him in the least, and he was so careful with the little ones even after showing this morning, which would have made a lot of horses really grouchy. Everyone wanted to take him home, and he made a ton of friends today.

He's the best pony in the universe. Yep.


  1. Loving the "little guy" power! At four, my mare is hovering around 15.2, so she may quality as well. ;)

  2. The little guys are the MOST fun to ride!! Easier to maneuver and put together than a big horse, and a shorter trip to the ground if you accidentally separate ;)


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