"Hey Baby, Haven't Seen You Around Here Before"

As a rule, Dino generally just Does Not Care about other horses. He will not go out of his way to say hi, won't play in turnout, is not upset if he's taken away from the barn by himself, and is perfectly happy living solo in his Pony Palace Run-In Shed.

About two days ago, all that changed.

A new boarder came to the barn, and brought with her two thoroughbred mares.

Dino is absolutely smitten.

He has suddenly turned into a Wild Stallion (or so he thinks) and greets his new girlfriends with lots of nickering,  prancing, neck arching, and tail flipping. He tries to look gooooooooood for the ladies and you can just hear the cheesy pick-up lines. When I took him out of the barn to go ride, he and the girls spent a good five minutes yelling back and forth to each other. He's totally in love. This is a new chapter in our lives.


  1. aw, your baby's growing up. and forgot he's a gelding.


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