Equestrian Portraiture by StitzPics Photography

Michael and I had been planning to do a portrait shoot at the barn for quite some time, and everything worked out just right to do a practice run on Wednesday evening to get a feel for the lighting and find some good backdrops.

Framing this one for sure!

Our little half-hour "mini shoot" yielded some pretty incredible results, if I do say so myself.

Michael tends to specialize in couples photography - weddings, engagements, and intimate family photos. His philosophy is that he doesn't want to pose his subjects artificially, or do anything that makes them uncomfortable. He likes the couple to just do their thing, and he is then able to capture their relationship.

We used this same mindset for this shoot, allowing Dino and I to just be ourselves, and our partnership really shines in these photos!

Lovet this guy.
Prepare yourself for the REAL DEAL photos - coming next week! We are doing a full shoot on Sunday with Jess and her main man Charlie, so get ready for some absolutely stunning photos. If you're in the Philadelphia/Bucks County/NJ area and want your own SitzPics Photography equestrian shoot, let me know and we can set something up!



  1. OMG love the last photo! so cute!

  2. These are amazing! I'm really hoping to find someone to take some decent pictures of me and Katai in the next year or two, unfortunately I'm not in your area because I really like these!

  3. awesome pics!! the b&w of you sitting on the ground with Dino is precious, as is the last one :)

  4. Thank you, glad you all enjoyed them!!


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