Bad Influence

Everyone, meet Cowboy:

so unassuming

Cowboy is Dino's new roommate. And he is a bad, bad influence.

At first, it seemed like they'd do really well together. Cowboy is a super laid-back, chill, low-on-the-totem pole Quarter Horse gelding. He lets Dino be the boss, and that's just fine.

Little did anyone expect that Cowboy is also the ultimate escape artist.

In the Pony Palace, there's one top fence rail that had fallen off at one point in time. No one bothered to fix it, because that section of fence is also blocked by our giant manure pile, and Dino isn't the kind of silly creature that would attempt to climb over it and go adventuring.

Until Cowboy came.

Within literally 20 minutes of his arrival, Cowboy found this low spot, climbed over the manure pile, and took Dino with him for a nice jog down the street.

don't let that innocent face fool you

Thankfully they were both wrangled up pretty quickly, and were contained elsewhere until the fence could be fixed.

And then there was ESCAPE NUMBER TWO.

On Saturday morning, I had Dino in the Pony Palace (because I trusted him not to escape) and Cowboy in the field behind it until my barn owner's husband could come out with an extra fence panel and a drill to fix the low spot.

Cowboy was just chillin, grazing, not visibly upset. I was not worried about him going anywhere.

And then suddenly he was not in the big field anymore.

Apparently there was a spot of broken fence hidden by trees in the top corner that no one had noticed. Thanks for finding that for me, buddy.

The best part, though, happened when Cowboy meandered back to the Pony Palace, climbed in over the manure pile, asked Dino to come with him, and then BOTH OF THEM CLIMBED BACK OUT AND RAN AROUND THE FARM LIKE NINCOMPOOPS.

I still can't get over the fact that Cowboy WENT BACK FOR DINO. He didn't just wander around by himself, he had to go and get his new friend.

I think these two are going to get along real well.

And all the fencing has since been repaired, thank goodness.


  1. Hilarious! What a turd (in a very loving way).

    I love that he went back for Dino - what a good pal and what a troublemaker!

  2. Oh no! That's funny but not funny, haha. I can see Dino following him around with a mischievous smirk!

  3. hahaha too much. Cowboy says he's not a bad influence at all - rather he's there 'help' improve things by pointing out all the weak spots lol. naughty naughty

  4. Nothing like herd animals. They want to do things together! I completely sympathize, with both them and you.

  5. That's too funny (since they're both okay)! Little heathens.

  6. I was equal parts angry and entertained. The stinkers!!


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