Wild Man, Vet Day, and Scratches Progress

Why yes, I AM the most adorable thing in the universe. Thanks for asking!
 Yesterday was spring shots day for all the kids at Domani. Yay! Getting the ponies all vaccinated and Coggins'ed for the season just makes me feel so accomplished.

My plan was originally to ride briefly before the vet came, but it was cold, and windy, and D-Money was NOT pleased about having to stay in a stall 2 days in a row due to torrential downpours and the vet. So he just got super-groomed and then I let him prance around in the round pen to blow off some steam. He needed it!

Observe the wild stallion:

And check out these stills... looking pretty good for pretty much having the entire winter off!

He was perfect for the vet, as always, and she said he was looking really good, especially for a 16 year old with Cushing's! We got our meds re-supplied, and that was that. Vet visits are always so easy with Dino.

Can I go outside now?

His fungus-leg is also looking AWESOME. It's about 80% healed at this point. So happy!

All in all, a good day. Hopefully we'll get a good ride in today!


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