On Saturday Michael finally made it out to the barn for his first ride of the season!

We had the most gorgeous weather ever; it was literally the perfect spring day. I was thinking that Michael would probably just want to do an easy walk/trot ride on the flat, seeing as how he hadn't ridden for approximately five months or so.

He ended up cantering around like a badass and jumping microscopic crossrails like he'd been riding all winter.

I kind of hate him sometimes.

Enjoy my entertaining commentary on these videos as I coach my husband while he gallops around wildly on my pony:

Oh, hey. Hey there McLain Ward.

After Michael was too sore to continue, I hopped on for a little jump school. I couldn't really get much productive work out of Dino on the flat since he had just gone around all willy-nilly for half an hour or so, so I just made sure he was reasonably in front of my leg before moving on to the fun stuff.

I had adjusted my grid so that the one stride at the end was a bit longer for the comfort and safety of everyone involved, and set the oxer and vertical to about 2'6. Dino pretty much attacked it. He felt AWESOME through the grid and was jumping so round and hard! We even have video!

I was definitely riding defensively over the oxer in the first attempt to make sure he didn't blast his way through, and I'd like to see myself riding a little deeper in my heel and with shorter reins, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with myself in these clips.

And then I looked at the stills.

I think 2'6 might be too easy for him.


Just a little.


  1. Dino says he feels AWESOME! RAISE DEM FENCES MOM!! Haha

  2. Wow! He looks great!
    Wish I could talk my husband into riding... Lucky!

  3. Wow he looks completely awesome over the oxer!

  4. Thanks girls!! Dino's ego is now even larger after all the compliments.


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