Altering The Plan

Remember how I said that our show schedule is completely and totally subject to change?

Well, it changed.

We're skipping the DVHA show this Sunday because Dino is still mostly bald. The orange mist is sloooowly growing in, but it's still mostly black skin. Plus he is awkwardly hairy over the rest of his body. It's rather unattractive. Additionally, I'm going to be away all day Saturday, so my prep day is shot.
Awkward and hairless, plus my thumb.

New plan is to wait a week, grow some hair, and do 2'3 hunters and/or equitation at Heaven's Gate on May 4.

Which is the site of the Horse Show of Doom, Worst Day of My Life, etc. The one that started all of my confidence problems.

You are probably thinking, "THIS SOUNDS LIKE A TERRIBLE IDEA." But hear me out.

2014 is all about a good attitude, for me and for Dino. It's about being brave, gaining confidence, and setting ourselves up for success. My goal for this year is to make showing fun again, and not over-face ourselves because we "should" be doing bigger jumper classes at this stage in the game. We SHOULD be doing things at shows that are easy, fun, and give us a fighting chance at success, even if that means putting jumpers on the backburner for now in favor of easier, more inviting courses. And flat classes. We need mileage, we need to get out there, and we need to make showing Not A Big Deal.

So I'm going to Heaven's Gate with a new attitude and the determination to have a really fun day. To smile all day long, to laugh if my pony does something goofy, and to just get out there, try my best, and have a good time.

The best part of the plan, however, is that I'm going to call and ask if I can go and school at Heaven's Gate this weekend to build a positive experience there before I even step in the show ring. Over the winter the owner of the farm said that I was welcome to come and use the indoor free of charge, and the farm is literally 10 minutes from where I board, so I don't perceive that it will be an issue.

I also can't even tell you the last time that Dino stopped at a fence.

Yesterday it was miserably windy, and I rode western for the first time in forever. Dino seemed to think that western = I Don't Have To Listen, so we had to have a bit of a conversation about how to do a walk-lope transition. I really need western spurs, yo. Because I can't carry a crop and manage split reins simultaneously. We were able to end on a good note, though, and I got a really nice jog out of him at the end. Riding in the western saddle also REALLY works my abs and inner thighs, so that was a nice workout! Today I hope to set a new course and
work on our canter adjustability.


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