Extreme Trauma

Plz do not take me to vet. Vet is scary. 

Max had an EXTREMELY traumatic day today.

It started with going to the vet for his annual exam and shots, i.e. The Worst Thing In The Entire World.

The little man was, shockingly, VERY good for the whole ordeal and didn't cry once! He did shake nervously almost the entire time, but there was no screaming, so definitely an improvement. He's 100% healthy, and even got lots of treats from the vet tech, who thought he was the cutest thing in the world. Which he is.

Then I had to take him to the barn with me to clean Dino's stall and treat his legs, which entailed me leaving him in the car for half an hour because it was muddy and raining.

Max thought I had abandoned him forever and he was going to die.

He let the world know about it by barking/screaming/howling/screeching the entire time.

I was pretty sure the SPCA was going to hear him and come take him away.

And now, everyone's favorite thing, scratches progress pictures! It's looking REALLY good. Tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks since we started vet-prescribed treatment, and I'm very very pleased.

An overall shot


Healing really nicely from the outside in.


  1. My dog does the same thing at the vet! He gets a server case of the shakes. I always feel so bad for him. It really isn't that bad, but I hate shots too! The leg is looking good!


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