A PONY'TUDE Blog Hop: Just How Bad Is Your Barn Car?

It's a mysterious phenomenon of the universe that horsepeople tend to have really grody, disgusting vehicles. Maybe it's because we constantly find ourselves in places where we are routinely covered in mud, poop, hair, and sand. Maybe it's because our lives revolve around half-ton creatures who love to roll in dirt and slobber on us. Maybe it's because we are all genetically wired to be slobs. Whatever the reason, Barn Cars are nasty. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

GRP Love!
Let's start in the front.

Here we have a small pile of dirt, gravel, and hay. Not surprising.

Half of a set of clipper blades, hand sanitizer that I never use, a hairband, sunglasses, Tide pen, regular pen, and some spare change.

More dirt, jacket, purse, water bottle, my clippers, and an empty cookie box. A girl's gotta eat, yo. (Do cookies count as health food if they're Kashi?)

Now it gets interesting! In the backseat we have a fleece cooler that I got for free when I was at USEF that is now used to cover the seat when Max rides in the car so he won't puke on the upholstery. Spare outerwear of every variation, a lost glove or two, extra paddock boots, an umbrella, some books, some broken clippers, floor mats not where they're supposed to be because I used them to get my car out of an icy spot and never put them back, snow removal thingy, half chaps, saddle pads, towels, and more dirt. Probably some junk mail in there, too.

And, the piece de resistance, the trunk. My trunk contains an incomplete dog grooming table, a wool cooler, a blanket liner that needs to be repaired that I never took in, my braiding kit (so THAT'S where that was!), a pair of sneakers, my old helmet (just in case), and the bag from Dino's heavy winter blanket, because I thought I should keep it.

Let's see your Barn Car.

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  1. Cool idea! I'll get some pictures tomorrow!

  2. This is hilarious! I had two SmartPak boxes in the back of my car until this afternoon, and my trunk is similar to yours. :D


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