Enjoying The View

As far as late winters go, this one has been a little rough on the riding front. 

The footing at home has been absolutely horrendous, with greasy mud dominating every square inch of the farm. It's rained a lot, and I find myself thinking that a few inches of snow over frozen ground would honestly be preferable riding conditions, even if it meant colder temperatures. 

It's only been in recent days that Dino and I have been able to canter for short distances on what precious good footing there is at home, and we've been either hauling out for a lesson or hacking the mile to our neighbor's indoor to ride in a ring once a week. 

But despite the frustration of not being able to really work during our rides, I find myself just enjoying the view, and feeling blessed to see the beauty of the world from the back of my best friend.

Because really, what's better than cantering bareback along the edge of a 60-acre field while the cold wind of an impending blizzard whips through your pony's mane, or riding down a lonely road in the mist with only the sound of his hooves for music? Is there a more beautiful sunset than one seen from between the ears of a good horse? I love training. I love showing. I love working hard to improve as a rider. But I love the view more than any of it.


  1. this winter has been tough, but so glad you've been able to enjoy it all the same with Dino <3

  2. Just being near them is so nice sometimes. Glad you are enjoying the ride!

  3. This post is everything and resounds with me so much. The view is the best of any other out there <3

  4. glad you are having fun on your German Sports Car (I mean Pony) No matter the weather :) Spring is coming! I know it :) Love his ears :)


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