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Just two weirdos, living their best life. 
Meanwhile in Pennsylvania...

We're getting pummeled with what will be our second nor'easter in less than a week, I'm hunkered down in my warm and cozy house that (for now) still has power, and I'm jumping on this blog hop bandwagon!

Buckle up for 30 weird things you didn't know about me.

1. I am a little bit of a coffee snob.

2. ...and a beer snob.

3. I let spiders live in my house and sometimes I name them.

4. Jumping spiders are my favorite variety of arachnid. I think they're adorable.

5. I'm super into feeding wild birds and birdwatching.

6. I have rescued birds, bats, toads, and snakes from dangerous situations, and generally do not shy away from picking up wild animals with my bare hands to get them to safety.

7. I am something of a cat whisperer.

8. I believe that cleaning the house or doing renovation projects is vastly improved by blasting Disney soundtracks and singing along at the top of my lungs.

9. Vultures are some of my favorite birds.

10. Some of my friends are pretty convinced that I'm a real-life Disney princess. I'm not saying they're wrong.

11. I entertain my coworkers with weird science and animal facts on the daily.

12. The only bone I've ever broken is my nose.

13. I have not yet gotten wild creatures of the forest to help me clean my house, but I'm working on it.

14. I have sung in choruses, choirs, small vocal ensembles, worship groups, and as a church soloist since I was 9 years old.

15. For about two years in high school, I sang in an all-girls barbershop group.

16. I sang the baritone part, which basically consists all of the notes that are left over in a chord after the other three parts have been written. The baritone part often has absolutely zero melodic qualities or logical patterns to it. This made me a very good singer.

17. I quit the barbershop group after a while because it was infringing on my riding time. Ponies > everything else.

18. My very favorite pieces to sing were (and still are) classical music. Preferably in Latin.

19. Once I got to duet with a professional Tenor and that was pretty awesome.

20. Despite my sweet vocal skillz, I cannot play an instrument. I used to play the flute passably, but I haven't picked up that bad boy in something like 15 years.

21. I really love olives. Like a lot.

22. When I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist.

23. I really really hate wearing high heels. They make me irrationally angry.

24. I vastly prefer physical books made out of paper to e-readers of any kind. IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME. I also never have to charge my books or worry about glare or running out of battery or them crashing or breaking and you can read them anywhere! Paper books are superior.

25. Same goes for paper notebooks and a pen or pencil. They always work, unlike your iPad.

26. I don't watch/care about/enjoy sports.

27. Carbs are my favorite food group.

28. Disaster movies are my least favorite kind of movie.

29. If a book doesn't have some sort of fantasy, sci-fi, or supernatural element, a murder mystery, suspenseful adventure, or other weirdness, I generally am not super interested in reading it.

30. I like naps.


  1. We could have a house spider collection. I had a jumping spider named Fly Catcher 3000 that lived in the bathroom. I took a 30 min shower once because I was watching him catch two flies.

    Maybe the spiders will clean for you?

  2. I agree with your housecleaning rules except besides Disney soundtracks I also do Broadway soundtracks. Louder the better! :) Ha and love all the stuff about you. And now i want you to sing next time i see you. Cool :) Stay warm. This is gross stuff....done with winter :)

  3. Disney soundtracks make everything better!!

  4. Heels are evil! And I agree with you about paper books… there’s something about the feel of holding a book and smelling the paper while you’re reading. :)

  5. I don't even love Disney but the idea of house projects while singing Disney songs at the top of your lungs is genius.

    One of my favorite takeaways of all these 30 things posts is that there are a TON of fantasy/sf readers in the horse blogosphere!

  6. I also like taking naps and other than that, we have absolutely zero in common haha!

  7. If you get 13 worked out, can you come train the wildlife over here?
    Also, 100% agree on 27.

  8. 1-6...we are the same person. And multiple others! I read the same types of books on, gasp, an ereader lol. But it's like the oldest one I could find without a backlight. I just got to a point where it wasn't very classy or appropriate to have a purse full of books all the time as I often read many at once. Now I can have them all and not carry extra poundage lol

  9. I love olives too!! T hates them

  10. I'm pro-e-reader, anti-tablet, and a confirmed olive hater.

    And you're definitely a disney princess.


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