Me and Miz B

When my husband bought Miz Beatrice for me, he didn't just buy me a vehicle that could tow my trailer and keep me from needing to borrow his truck every weekend.

He bought me freedom and confidence.

When I slide up into Miz B's wide, soft, broken-in driver's seat and touch the plastic blue forget-me-not stuck in the doorframe, I change. I start up the engine and the country music radio station comes to life, and I transform from a meek driver who works a desk job to a queen of the rural roads.

In Miz B, I'm the kind of person who drives with the windows down and one hand on the wheel, the other draped casually out the open window, looking at the world from under the brim of my Chevy ball cap. I'm the kind of driver who can hitch up her own trailer without help or a back-up camera in five minutes flat. I become bolder behind the wheel, because I know when my foot goes down on that accelerator, Beatrice is going to go.

I'm ready for anything, because I've got a fully-stocked toolbox in the bed, a pocketknife in my jeans, a set of jumper cables just in case, and tie straps to secure unwieldy loads.

Sure, she creaks and groans around every corner, she's got some rust here and there, and she's not the prettiest spring chicken on the highway. But Miz B is mine, and when I'm sitting in the driver's seat, the road leads to endless adventure.


  1. <3
    I don't think I've ever put it into words quite like this, but so much yes.

  2. See now I definitely need that truck

  3. Love this. It's so true. I don't have a truck with me now (uh, no real need... yet), but when I go home and drive one of ours, this is exactly it - country music on, that extra height, ready to take on the world. I love that I grew up driving trucks. My earliest memory of driving was driving the farm truck and flat trailer through the fields as they stacked hay, because I was too small to toss bales up. That's farm kid life and I love it (well now I love stacking hay less because I have to participate but yeah).

  4. oh my god i love this post lets get our trucks and drive around making people feel tiny.

  5. <3 this. my truck is undoubtedly among my favorite possessions. actually the time i spent with a broken leg was made marginally better bc i had to swap my stick shift daily driver for my truck during the duration of my recovery - since the broken leg couldn't operate the clutch. getting to drive my beloved truck for a couple months definitely made everything else a little better!

    1. That is the same thing I had to do! LOL my co workers used to have to lift me into it because its so lifted hahaha

  6. I'm kind of wishing I had a truck and trailer these days

  7. Girls and trucks. Somethin' bout it is just so right.

  8. I heart my truck Jorge too. Nothing like a good, reliable truck!

  9. omg...exactly how I feel about my Boss Mare truck! Shes old and clunky, but I couldn't live without her.


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