Dream Farm Fridays

While I usually draw a pretty hard line between business and pleasure, I'm trying something new and blurring the edges a little bit with this new weekly installment: Dream Farm Fridays!

As a lot of you know, I work in the real world as a real estate agent and my company, Cindy Stys Equestrian & Country Properties, specializes in selling horse farms in Eastern Pennsylvania. We have sold some pretty spectacular stuff, and I'm excited to share our current listings with the blogosphere! Even if you aren't in the market, I know you all can appreciate a beautiful horse property and have fun dreaming just a little bit.

The first farm I'd like to share had me frantically trying to come up with a way to quickly make $2million the first time I saw it. It is, in a word, over-the-top spectacular. Have you ever dreamt of having your own private, custom-built stable overlooking incredible mountain views, complete with indoor and outdoor arenas with top-of-the-line footing, lighting, and sound systems just for you? And almost 20 acres of rolling green pasture? Oh, and a fabulous energy-efficient 6,000sqft custom-built mansion to live in? Me too.

This place has it all.

Let's start with the barn, because as we all know, that's the most important part.

Hello, Gorgeous.

This sweet four-stall barn was custom built for the current owners just a few years ago, and they really outdid themselves. Perfect for your personal horses or a boarder or two, the little luxuries include rubber brick pavers in the aisles, matted stalls with auto waterers, a high-end sound system for playing music while you brush your ponies, beautiful tongue & groove walls and ceilings, and wash stall with hot & cold water and a heat lamp. Not to mention the climate-controlled tack room (with AIR CONDITIONING!), big hay loft, handy storage closet, and heat-detection system to help prevent barn fires. All with the most spectacular view of the Lehigh Valley mountains!

Just a short jaunt down the hill will find you at your own personal outdoor arena with fancy-shmancy footing. A short jaunt down from the outdoor leads to the indoor with top-of-the-line EVERYTHING: fiber footing, lighting, sound system, kick boards, and LOADS of HUGE windows that open to let the breeze in. Ahhh! Top it all off with several acres of impeccably cared for fenced pasture, and you have Lehigh Valley horsey heaven.

So, guys. This house.

This house is OUTRAGEOUS.

Every little luxury you could want has been thought of and installed in this beautiful custom ranch house. It's honestly not even fair to call it a ranch - it's a single-level mansion with a REALLY cute separate living space in the lower level. Perfect for your barn help or your mother-in-law or the teenage person you'd rather not have sharing your space in the main house.

With 6,000+ square feet of gorgeousness, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen that gives me the grabby hands, stunning curved rear porches, and loads of energy-efficient features, this home is just a spectacular piece of architecture. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Sit outside on your glorious deck
...Or inside in your Great Room with 2-sided fireplace
... Or your Sun Room where you can watch your horses graze
Or in your actual Sitting Room.
Ugh. I'd cook so many amazing things in here.
This master suite is straight-up luxurious
Fancy bathroom with washer/dryer in that little closet to the right! No hauling your laundry to another room! 
And, you know, because we all need our own personal gym attached to our fancy master suites.
And the lower level "apartment" (I can't even call it that, it's too nice!) Is just as lovely.
Cute "apartment" kitchen that's still nicer than where I live now.
Plus tractor storage in one of the approximate ten billion garages! 
For a cool $1,750,000 this place can be yours! To check out even more details, photos, and a virtual video tour, head on over to the CSEP Website. If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling horse property in Eastern PA, get in touch with me via the handy dandy contact form to the left of this page (or click the menu button at the top of the blog!) or catch me on FB.

I'd also love to know if any of you might be interested in some more real-estate focused posts in the future about the buying and selling process, what's different about selling horse farms, how to be a smart buyer or seller, or anything else you're curious about! Just like any other industry, adding horses into real estate really transforms it into a whole different world!


  1. We need a contingent of bloggers to go in on this together :P So gorgeous!

  2. Anyone want to form a commune?

  3. brb, looks like i'm about to become a squatter in lehigh valley.

  4. Love real estate posts! I'm always dreaming of building/buying the perfect farm :)

  5. OOOHH now i am ruined for what i can afford LOL...but more real estate blogs would be great.....you know we are looking tho this one may be a wee bit out of my price range HA HA HA

  6. You guys take personal checks, right? It's in the mail, I promise. Go ahead and hand me those keys.

  7. It's so beautiful. Oh my gosh. I can't handle it!

  8. Oh my goodness this is amazing!! I wouldn't want a house that large but every single inch of the horse stuff is FANTASTIC!

  9. OMFG. BRB, buying a lotto ticket. Or like, 50. So much drooling going on right now.....

  10. We're currently shopping for horse property so I'd love some posts on how it's different or tips on how to go through the process. Anything. That's a gorgeous property. I especially love the indoor.

  11. So with 5 bedrooms, we could totally make this like, a horse blogger sorority house. Right? Anyone?

  12. Well, that's amazing!

    I would love to see more real estate posts, especially about what's selling in horse properties. I would one day like to leave the wretched state of Oklahoma, and I need to know what improvements are worth investing in. :P

  13. I just about died when I realized you said 2 million. That "apartment" is nicer than my house.

  14. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm in love. Maybe 4 of us bloggers could all go in on it together.... LOL

  15. Damn. That's some property. I found myself crunching numbers in my head about how many roommates I'd need to make it affordable lol

    Yes, please. Teach me the things. I'm in the market for land/a farm and any knowledge on the process would be great!

  16. I have conflicting feelings about this because OH MY GOD but also I kind of hate the people who get to buy it? Sigh.


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