2Pointober Final Results

My steely determination was not enough to win 2pointober gold this year after three years running of cinching second place in our annual contest of pain and suffering. A final time of 18:21 landed me solidly in third, behind L. Williams with an impressive 28:30 for second place, and Sarah with the inhuman time of 35:16. Well done, ladies! It was a pleasure competing against you this year.

I may not have won any prizes this time around, but I am now fit enough to hit the ground running for No-Stirrup November!


  1. oh you've won alright!! your ability to pull out major times like this year after year is pretty damn impressive - congrats on the Top 5 finish!! :D

  2. #preach on being fit enough to jump into NSN!

  3. Ya! No Stirrup November! You seriously did awesome as always!


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