Mental Health Day

Yesterday I decided to give Dino a little Pony Playtime in the round pen.

He really, really enjoyed it.

He enjoyed it so much that I just stood in the middle not holding a whip while he galloped around like a maniac:

Notice the skillful hind end-only lead changes. Mental note: stifles need more work. I knew you could go forward, you little stinker!

Despite the seeming disregard for proper body position, Dino did have some nice moments during his little gallop-fest:

Butt Muscles! 

Extreme Stretch

After he was done running to the left, we switched directions and Dino got his Fancy Trot on:


And there IS a topline hiding under that winter fuzz:

Y u no do this under saddle?

Plz to have stretchy trot in dressage test?
Once Dino decided he was all done, I collected him and we went for a little stroll around the pen to cool down:

We don't need no stinkin' lead rope!


  1. Love that trot! I always think the same thing when I see my boy running around and being fancy. Why can't you do that under saddle? Lol!

  2. He's really enjoying himself! I'm jealous of that changing hind end too haha.

  3. Ohhhhhh love that trot!

  4. That's a "getting places" trot. What a fancy little lad! He had himself a good time!

  5. I reward my mare on the lunge for stretching (she already knows that "good girl" = carrot, so stretch = "good girl", then halt, carrot) and she offers it more now - I can wait longer to treat and she keeps stretching!

  6. I posted a photo of him and Digby checking each other out (because why WOULDN'T they, since they only lived together for months...) earlier this morning and I must say, his topline looks quite lovely while he's squealing at Digby ;)


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