Dino is a liar.

After our lesson on Thursday in which he insisted that he just COULD. NOT. canter/go forward/respond to my leg at all, I got a text from my barn owner that he had jumped out of his stall on Friday morning.

As you can see by the brackets on either side of the stall in this photo, the chest bar that "locks" the ponies in is approximately 3'6" tall, give or take.

The little $*%!
My pony jumped that from a standstill.

But a grid involving a 2' crossrail is just too much. Mmhm.

Then during our ride on Friday afternoon, while he was a little sticky to start, Dino obliged to trot and canter forward as I asked, though he did need some help from the Encouragement Stick now and then. He even, quite capably, cantered forward, on the left lead, UP A FREAKIN' HILL without complaining, breaking, or swapping behind.

This pony. He will be the death of me.


  1. Omigosh... well at least you know he can't call your bluff anymore!

  2. Haha, the Encouragement Stick! Love it.

  3. Ponies are the best liars!!

    Murray once jumped out the window at the back of his stall (it's 4' high).... because we put fresh shavings in. I was like "at least I know he'll jump keyholes...."

  4. I dunno how you manage a pony. I keep getting bested by a horse.

  5. Well, I must say that is pretty impressive!

  6. naughty pony!! still tho, that's kinda impressive!!

  7. Just look at his face! It's sneaky. And adorable.


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