Equestrian at Hart Blog Hop: Equestrian Wardrobe

Dude, Hillary, I was TOTALLY considering doing a hop on this same topic! Great minds think alike.

Now, while I have to say that I've got a pretty solid sense of style, especially when it comes to riding clothes, I definitely don't always look like I just stepped out of a Dover catalog.

I ride at a very small boarding barn. We have no resident trainer, no lessons, and while a few of us do show, it's definitely not a show barn. In short, there is no dress code and no one really gives a hoot what you wear to the barn.

That said, I do find that I tend to ride better and take myself more seriously when I dress the part. Putting on clean breeches, a polo shirt, and a belt flips a switch in my subconscious that says, "I'm here to work, let's git 'er done." There is something about dressing well and feeling that I look put-together and professional that puts me in a good mental place to ride.

A typical schooling outfit, riding Toby's very FWOOMY extended trot. 
My absolute favorite go-to breeches are Ariat Olympia, which I have in 3 colors and have been lucky enough to get on sale, because these things are dang expensive. I love the fit, the fabric, the durability, just about everything about these pants. The low rise and front-zip are so flattering to my shape, and the styling is just a little bit different than a lot of other pants out there.  I only wish they came in more colors!  I also have some absolutely ancient puke-green breeches that REFUSE TO DIE, so I ride in those too. And a pair of Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter's that I somehow got on sale for $90. Heck yeah.

I love these pants. Topped with Old Navy polo shirt and some belt I got from USEF.
Ariat Olympia in grey with burgundy piping. Love! Aeropostale polo on top, Ariat belt. 
Tuck in a polo shirt, top it off with my favorite Ariat belt, and I'm good to go! The petite-size bargain hunter in me LOVES Aeropostale polos for riding. These bad boys can be had for about $7 each if you get them on sale, and come in loads of fun colors. Because life's too short not to wear COLOR!

My favorite gloves are Roeckel Chester, and I wear a GPA because that's the only thing that fits my freakish head, unfortunately. Why must I have such expensive taste?

In cooler weather, I like to wear long-sleeve wicking athletic tops with a vest or fitted jacket over them as needed. Once it starts getting really cold, I don't give a damn about looking good and just dress for warmth. My Kerrits Sit Tight 'N Warm full seat breeches are THE BOMB and I wear those bad boys all winter long.

Typical cool-weather schooling outfit.
or something like this. 

For everyday schooling I wear my Tredstep paddock boots and Elite half chaps, which I attempt to keep reasonably clean so they will last. Because I don't have money to replace them on a yearly basis.  For lessons or clinics, the Ariat Challenge tall boots come out. However, they are on their way out at over 10 years old and I am reeeeaaalllly loving the look of Arait's new Volant S boots. Come on, commission checks....

Then there are the days when I have no clean breeches, Ariat Olympia or otherwise, or am working a barn shift before or after riding, so my normally classy attire goes to the wayside and I bust out the stained jeans and baggy college t-shirts. My western attire is generally the stained jeans, baggy t-shirt, and cowboy boots, because western is not a 'serious' pursuit for me. Unfortunately for you, there are no photos of these ultra attractive get-ups.

So, there you have it. My riding wardrobe runs the gamut from Equestrian Fashionista to Smelly Hobo Bum.


  1. yay! another person with the upper body of a 12yo girl! Aero polos ftw.

  2. Haha I love how you made a point to say you try to dress the part in "clean breeches." :)

  3. Love what you say about dressing the part and wearing COLOR!


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