A Profitable Day

Kinda-sorta jumping on the tack swap hop wagon...
Yesterday turned out to be quite productive when it comes to buying and selling pony stuff!

I FINALLY received a response on my Craigslist ad for the western saddle I was given a few months ago, and sold that bad boy to a very nice girl for $150 cash. Cha-ching. She texted me this morning to say that the saddle fits her horse, and she's very happy with it. Even better!

Then the very sweet and friendly Cara over at MN Equestrian sent me some pictures and measurements of the XC vest she has for sale, which turned out to be exactly what I needed, and I scored that for $60. Am I a legit eventer yet? I now own a vest.

I do still have the 16.5" Barnsby saddle to get rid of, and while I'd prefer to do local pick-up with that one, I'd be more than happy to ship it to a fellow blogger because y'all are the best. It's in fantastic condition for its age, really well taken-care of, and would make a great first saddle for someone, or lesson saddle for an instructor with a string of school horses. I'm asking $350 OBO if anyone's interested! Plus, it's a made-in-England Barnsby. They literally do not make 'em like this anymore!

Now to decide whether to use the rest of the money from the sale of the roping saddle for getting my winter blankets cleaned, buying new shoes, or just saving it for the massive vet bill that's coming my way. Hmm.

I got to ride again yesterday, woohoo! Dino felt awesome. As soon as I got on he went right into his super-walk, and we had some great round walk and trot work in a longer frame. I did a little more canter, and Dino launched into a hand gallop when I simply breathed out and relaxed. Very fun! He also gave me some very prompt walk-canter transitions, and I let him jump a little 2' gate a few times at the end of our ride. He was, of course, a rock star. I'm trying to control myself and not ask too much of him until he's been back in work at least a week or so, but it's tough when he feels so good! There is a schooling show at the horse park on September 13th that is offering hunters, jumpers, and dressage, and I'm thinking of heading over there to do a couple Training Level tests and then school XC afterwards. It would cost me $30, (can't beat $15 per test!) so as long as I can fit it into the schedule, I think it would be a very worthwhile outing.

While you're reading blogs, check out Jen's contest over at Cob Jockey! She is celebrating 100 followers with a gift card giveaway!


  1. congrats on the sale! and yes - def try and fit that show & xc schooling into the schedule, it sounds like a blast, esp w Dino feeling so good!

  2. Woohoo eventing vest! I'm on the lookout for one too. And yes, you are totally a legit eventer! As soon as I snag one, that's what I'm calling myself! :)

  3. ugh you reminded me I need to get my winter blanket cleaned... grumble grumble.

    Congrats on the buy and sell!


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