A Better Day

Thank God, Dino is doing MUCH better!


Plz to feed me treats?!

Couldn't even wait till he had all 4 feet out of the barn to start stuffing his face...
Today was Day 2 of no tummy aches. I am so incredibly relieved, you have no idea.

Yesterday Dino was absolutely exhausted, and was napping in a large pile of hay when I got to the barn to see him. I panicked for a second, but he hopped right up to say "hi" and didn't display ANY painful behaviors! I medicated him, he grazed for a while, and then had a big drink, a nice scratchy roll, and went right back to sleep. Poor boy. Feeling that crappy really takes a lot out of a pony.

Today he was feeling even better! Dino was back to his perky, obnoxious self and was mugging me for treats and trying to eat every single grooming tool I picked up.

I'm mulling over a couple different diet changes to help maintain his belly once the hardcore ulcer treatment is over, but so far I'm really pleased with how Dino is responding to the meds he's getting. Tomorrow if he's feeling just as good as he was today, we'll go for a little bareback stroll around the farm to start getting back in work.

In the meantime... this is what we do...


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  2. I love his happy little face! :)


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