VCBH: Your Equestrian Fashion

Thanks for this great series of blog hops, L!

The latest and greatest blog hop topic is: "I want a pictorial tour of  your closet. Not your riding clothes, but your equivalent of the crazy cat lady ugly cat sweater."

I had to jump on this one because I am the self-proclaimed Queen of the Ugly Barn Jacket. My hideous barn wardrobe is extensive, thanks in part to receiving a TON of free clothing during my time at USEF. Let us begin with the Barn Jackets in question: 

This green coat is my 'go-to' Barn Jacket. It's a super-sturdy LL Bean jacket with my name on it that I got as a Christmas present from my boss when I worked at Travelda Farm during college. It's puffy, it's ugly, but it's warm and near-indestructible. 

And here we have the WEG 2006 collection, featuring the same bulky, shapeless coat in both Poop Brown and Obnoxious Patriotic Red & Blue. 

The USEF Navy Collection. I actually quite like the vest. 

My stash of free USEF polo shirts:

The DVCET collection:

BadPony Tshirts! And this other one with a Mystical Unicorn... 

Sparkly Irideon tee that I won in a raffle... I NEVER WIN THINGS! 

And that about does it for the equestrian-themed clothing. I am a serious fashion plate, am I not?!


  1. Wow that is a lot of USA/USEF swag LOL. I have almost nothing in comparison, this is a pretty good collection!

    1. I worked there for about 5 years, and whenever we'd get in new uniforms for international teams the USEF staff would usually get first pick of the leftovers! I started right after Ariat became the clothing sponsor, so it's pretty decent stuff, too. :)

    2. Ah, that makes more sense! lol

  2. Totes jealous of all your USEF and Ariat swag!

  3. You have quite the collection and I am totally jealous of your USEF swag!


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