PONY'TUDE Approved: Real Women Ride Hairnets

I picked up one of these hairnets at the tent sale I went to in June.

I needed some hairnets, everything was on sale, and I decided to see what all the hype was about. I found the open design interesting since I usually have my hair cut short (chin length) and layered, and for a few weeks after a haircut, getting my hair into my helmet without flying out in all directions takes a minimum of one stretchy headband, two hairnets, and at least one elastic band. Being able to simplify that process would be nice!

the hairstyle in question, and my gorgeous BFF Sarah! 
I have to admit, when I first started using the RWR net I wasn't a huge fan. I couldn't figure out how to put it on the right way, and donning my helmet in the normal back-to-front manner just made the net squish down onto my forehead, and it poked out from under the brim of my helmet. It seemed to push my hair too far up the back of my skull instead of leaving it in a neat pocket by the nape of my neck like I wanted it to, and was overall just a huge pain in the butt to use.

it REALLY reminds me of pantyhose...
I'd also bought the "light brown" color thinking it would match my hair well, and it turned out to be WAY too light and more of a "dark blonde" in my opinion. My experience with this hairnet was not starting out well!

Step 1. Put on this attractive choker. 

But I kept trying with the RWR hairnet, and eventually figured out the correct technique needed to put it on quickly and neatly, with 'hunter hair' over the ears, of course.

Up and over! Lunch lady chic. 

A side view... you can see how it really holds all the hair in! 
After going through the learning curve with this hairnet, I really like it! It's soft, substantial, and comfortable. The unique tubular design really does work, and I have NO issues with flyaways or hair escaping out the bottom of the hairnet like I do with traditional nets & hair elastics. It holds my short, layered hair securely without any extra 'stuff', there's no elastic hairband involved, and no knots to press into your head. I also like that the elastic band on the bottom of the hairnet is wide and soft, and doesn't dig into my ears. I would imagine this net would also be fabulous for people with very long hair who have trouble fitting it under a helmet securely, as the RWR hairnet allows you to fan your hair out over the back of your head if you want, distributing it in a thinner layer.

Helmet on!

Ready to ride. 
Personally, I think the RWR hairnet is a GREAT option for those of us with shorter hair, bangs, layers, or any kind of choppy hairstyle that doesn't lend itself well to traditional 'hunter hair' hairnet techniques. At $10 a pop they are REALLY expensive for a hairnet, but so far mine has held up great and doesn't stink yet, so I imagine that it will hold up a lot longer than the typical $3 two-pack of traditional hairnets that I usually buy.

If you find these on sale, or are inclined to spend $10 on a hairnet, try them! The RWR hairnets are not lifechanging, but a nice choice for people with 'difficult' hair.


  1. Good review! I usually have shoeter hair like yours, and have trouble with flyaways. Thanks for the information! :)

  2. Yay! I too have short hair and was wondering about RWR.

  3. Neat!! I'm not really a huge fan of the netting covering the ears, but it actually looks good on you!!

  4. Do you think they work well for longer hair? I always struggle with hunter hair at shows.

    1. I have friends with long hair who use these and love them, so it's worth a try! What I like about it is once you have it on, it stays on, so you can squish your hair over your ears without messing up everything else.

  5. Cool! I have shorter hair too so need to do something to keep it presentable. I find that if I do a small pony tail the elastic always falls.


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