Ever Feel Like You And Your Horse Need Couples Therapy?

Being in partnership with a horse is a lot like being in a romantic relationship. Communication is key, and if expectations aren't made clear, you can find yourself in a whole lot of trouble.

And just like in our human-to-human relationships, sometimes horse-human relationships need a little professional help from someone who can take an objective look at the partnership from a different perspective.

The Riding With Confidence Clinic is like couples therapy for you and your horse. If you're frustrated, fearful, or just feel "stuck" in your riding, this clinic is for you! Dr. Jenny Susser is a gifted sports psychologist and rider who can pinpoint your hang-ups, communication issues, fears, and neuroses, and give you the tools to make riding fun and enhance your horse-human relationship.

If you're within driving distance of Southampton, NJ and are available the weekend of October 19-20, please consider joining us for this exciting clinic! Whether you come one or both days, ride or audit, you're sure to gain valuable insight and learn a lot about yourself and your horse, with the bonus of being able to be part of an exceptionally positive, supportive group of equestrians.

Still not sold? Read my Clinic Report and check out more information on the clinic website: http://www.ontheriseequestrian.com/events.html

Riding spots are VERY LIMITED, so please register soon if you'd like to ride with Dr. Jenny! If you can't ride, come audit! We'd LOVE to see you there!


  1. I would love to take a clinic like that. I'm constantly in need of couples counseling with my horse :)


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