I was going to make this a cute little before-and-after post about body clipping, but apparently I'm cursed.

Woman, what are you planning to do with those things?
This week I decided that it was time to break down and body clip my pony. The furry little monster got SO sweaty at the horse show last week that I opted to clip him a few weeks earlier than originally planned.

I caught my pony, brushed him really well (I am too lazy to bathe pre-clip), and got started on his legs and face first. Things went great, and the clip job I did on his face is probably the best one I've done to date.   I put in freshly sharpened blades to do his body, and set to work. It's a good thing I started from his neck and worked back, because by the time I got to his shoulder my clippers died a horrible death. My pony was half-clipped. And my clippers were dead. Done. Deader than dead. D-E-D. One would think that after this pair of clippers quit on me the first time 2 years ago I would learn my lesson and get new ones.

Apparently I'm a slow learner.

After much frustration, throwing my clippers on the ground, trying to re-set the blades so many times that I stripped the screws, and one very bored pony, I quit for the night. It was dark, I was cold, I was itchy, and Dino was totally over this whole body clipping thing.

The next morning I drove out to Dover to buy new clippers. I splurged on a fancy new Oster A6 model, and returned to the barn triumphantly to finish my body clip. I had new clippers! This was going to ROCK.

And it did rock for about the first 10 minutes, after which hair somehow started getting underneath the blade unit and clogging up the clippers. I pushed in the little button, popped the blades up, and pulled them off, and somehow broke the little hooky thing that holds the blades flush to the clipper body.


So now my BRAND-NEW clippers were broken and not clipping right, leaving lines EVERYWHERE, and getting clogged every five seconds.

It was getting ridiculous.

Thankfully Donna was at the barn at the time, and after telling her my tale of woe and defective clippers, she let me use her giant, ancient body clippers to finish Dino's haircut.

I was done in about five minutes flat after I fired up those puppies.

So now Dino is clipped (full of lines, but clipped!) and Dover is sending me a brand new pair of A6's because the other ones were defective and broke.

I can only hope this is the end of my clipper curse.


  1. No half-clipped ridiculous looking pony pictures? I am disappoint! (Kidding!)

    As someone that (maybe next year) will be buying her own set of body clippers, what model were the clippers that bit it, and what model were the industrial strength ones? Those of us with native breed ponies need the big guns to get through that coat!

    (Also, your barn is freakin gorgeous, oh my gosh!)

    1. The ones that died were the adjustable Wahl StablePro. I had lots of great recommendations from people who had body clipped with them (even though they are small) but I had nothing but trouble with them since day 1. The massive body clippers were a pair of ancient Listers, the kind that are as big as your entire arm, really loud, and vibrate A LOT. But they get the job done! They are pricy though, I haven't seen them for anything less than $250.

  2. I haven't body clipped since I was 15, and I'm scared to death I'm going to ruin my horse!

    1. IT'S JUST HAIR! Do your first clip when you know you don't have to go out in public for about a month, it will give you some time to let any mistakes grow out.

  3. They just don't make Clippers like they used to.

  4. I agree with L.Williams. My clippers are a million years old and sound like an airplane landing, but they've never quit on me.

  5. The don't! Every ancient pair of clippers I've used (on dogs, cats, and horses) has been awesome. These newfangled ones... I just don't know.


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