Proud Mama

Max, otherwise known as Furry Child #2, is my office assistant, snuggle buddy, and organic vacuum cleaner.

He's also seriously adorable.

And sometimes (almost always) his brain is not necessarily located inside his skull.

But tonight he did his mama proud. While outside for a potty break, he heard our neighbor pull in the parking lot, which elicited a High Alert Beagle Bugle. Now, normally a situation like this would have Max racing off to see what was going on, without much brain function happening aside from, "MUST INVESTIGATE NOISES!!!!!!" I would normally have to yell at him a few times before he came about halfway across the yard back to me, then turned around and tried to go back to attack the intruder.

Tonight, however, something clicked. The two tiny brain cells inside Max's fuzzy little head worked up enough power and focus to actually listen to what I was telling him to do.

"Max, whoa." Max stopped.

"Max, come." Max came.

"Max, sit." Max sat.

"Max, heel." Max heeled.

"Max, stay." Max stayed.

It was absolutely amazing. As a trainer, this was undoubtedly my finest moment with this dog, and as his mommy, I couldn't have been more thrilled.

My boy can LEARN!


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