Considering The Dark Side

I began my riding career learning huntseat equitation as a child, and later branched out to hunters, jumpers, and dressage, took a cross country jumping lesson or two, and did a bit of driving. I was never big into the western thing, all of the glitter wasn't very appealing, and I didn't know what to do with myself in a western saddle. Who needs all that stuff between them and the horse?!

But lately... I've been reconsidering how I feel about the western disciplines. I've always joked that Dino would make a great western pleasure horse since the snail's-pace jog comes so easy to him, I taught him to neck-rein, and he goes along on a loose rein just fine. He's also been mistaken for a Quarter Horse several times. Now I've started looking at used western saddles on Ebay and checking out training tips on forums. I'm talking to friends who show western horsemanship and pleasure, and seeing what my english friends think of my crazy idea. I think I want to dip my toes into the water on the Dark Side.

I've always been one to try just about anything on horseback, and western is something I never really tried in earnest, though I have had a western lesson or two and ridden friends' western horses occasionally. Plus, Dino won't be able to do the jumpers forever, and I think western pleasure would be a fun way to keep him going as he gets older and we have to scale down the jumping.

So here we go, venturing over to the Dark Side. Wish us luck.

Go slow, you say? I'm down with that.


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