A Little Of This, A Little Of That...

It's been busy around here in the land of PONY'TUDE.

A few things to update y'all on:

1. We are definitely doing the western thing. I bought a headstall, reins, and bit and started riding Dino in it, even though we look a little ridiculous with an english saddle and a western bridle. He responds GREAT to the curb bit, and the transition from a snaffle to a leverage bit was a non-event. Love it! He also looks absolutely fabulous in it. The cowboy look suits him.

2. Michael, Rachel, Keri and I went to the PA Horse World Expo last weekend and had a BLAST. It's always fun to spend a day with three of the most hilarious people you know, but even better when that day involves non-stop horses. We got to watch clinics taught by Robert Dover (dressage) and Stuart Pittman (eventing), saw an awesome trail competition, shopped, talked to feed reps, sat in saddles, and had pretty much the best day ever. If you live in my neck of the woods and haven't been out to Harrisburg for the Expo, GO NEXT YEAR. It's so much fun, and you can learn a lot!

3. Even though we're exploring the western world, Dino and I are continuing to work on our dressage and jumping. Recently we conquered jumping the log in the back pasture, and have become so comfortable with the boogeyman swedish oxer that I raised it up to 2'9" and jumped it without a second thought. I feel like I'm definitely regaining my confidence over fences, and just in time since our local association just put out their spring show schedule. As a nice bonus to riding him in a western curb bit, Dino's also getting softer in his snaffle bit, and our flatwork yesterday was fantastic as a result.

4. I've also been working on getting Dino more sensitive to the aids, and really focusing on NOT nagging him and letting him get away with ignoring my leg. Some days I feel like there's improvement in that area, others I feel like we're back at square one. It's a work in progress.

5. I'm now in the market for a western saddle. So if any of you know of an inexpensive 16" semi-QH bar reining or equitation saddle for sale, please let me know! I sat in a Crates reining saddle at the expo that was absolutely divine, but there is no way I can swing the $2,000 price tag on that one.

6. Spring can come any day now. Please. I'm ready. Yesterday. Even just one full sunny day would be nice. I'm going insane with this cloudy, cold, wet weather here!

Praying For Sunshine,

Alli & Dino


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