In Which Dino Gets A Ridiculous Haircut And A New Coat

Even though it's only October, Dino has already grown pretty much a full winter coat.

Apparently no one told him the weather is going to be in the upper 70's and 80's this week. He's a bit overdressed.

In light of that fact, and since he's been sweating up a storm every time we ride, I decided now would be a good time to clip him. He doesn't really need all that hair at this point in the season, and by the time it grows back it will actually be cold. Clipping will keep him cool and comfortable!

With the help of barn girls Jess and Allison fixing my temperamental clippers (I seriously owe you guys) Dino's haircut was completed in just under 2 hours. Not bad considering the last time I clipped him it took over 4 hours. That was not a fun day.

Observe the naked pony:

Thankfully from this distance you can't see all of the horrible clipper marks, and the spot on his back where he got nearly shaved to the skin because of a clipper malfunction. You can, however, see that I did not clip his legs and they are still furry. Mostly because I got bored of clipping. But we're not planning on hitting any shows in the near future so as long as he's comfortable, I don't care what Dino looks like.

Bonus, you can see his brand now!

Weser-Ems '98! and some really attractive track marks...

Despite his ridiculous new 'do, Dino does look FABULOUS in his new turnout sheet!

This one fits him much, much better than his old one, is a cute plaid pattern, has a high neck, and was only $50 on sale! It's pretty much my favorite item of the moment. (If you want one like it, check out and try not to giggle too much about the way it sounds if you say it out loud.) Dino also didn't make a grouchy face when I put it on him, so I think it's safe to say he likes it too.

Hopefully his new awesome-looking blanket makes up for his terrible haircut. It is NOT pretty when he's angry.


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