I'm A Believer

When it comes to supplements, you're bound to get a multitude of opinions. Some people think that no supplement ever made will work, others think that by adding majikal powders and pellets to their horse's feed will miraculously cure them of all ailments.

Personally, I lie somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

I think some horses with some conditions can be helped by some supplements. For example, a horse with documented, diagnosed arthritis can definitely benefit from a joint supplement. Hoof supplements have helped a lot of horses I know grow more foot. And for show horses, there is scientific proof out there that Omega supplements really do help bring out the "bloom" in a coat.

As far as Dino is concerned, I generally don't give him anything unless he has a documented condition that has been shown to be assuaged by the use of a particular supplement. When I started him on DMG a little over a month ago, I read up on it first and decided to give it a try, since the price was low and no one seemed to be reporting any weird side effects.

Now that it has had some time to kick in and start changing the way his body reacts to exercise, I'm noticing a big difference. On Monday we did some serious hill work, which Dino doesn't usually do. In the past when his body would be challenged in ways it wasn't used to, he would come up very stiff and sore the next day, and would occasionally tie up. On Tuesday, the day after his strenuous workout, he felt absolutely great. He still needed his usual slow warm up, but after he loosened up it was clear he felt fantastic. Dino was jumping the absolute snot out of every fence in the ring and steamrolling around with me. Plus, he LOVES the taste of the DMG powder and has been licking his bucket clean every night!

Count me as a supplement believer!

BONUS: I also jumped a 2'9" single AND the brick wall, multiple times, without wetting my pants.


  1. Please please pleaseeee e-mail Smartpak so Dino (and you, obviously) can be featured in our catalog/on the website! I can get you the e-mail but I think it's on the website as well.


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