People who know Dino know that he is usually not in much of a hurry to get anywhere. The Dino Way of doing things involves expending as little energy as possible at any given time. Other horses are playing in turnout? Dino is standing there eating, wondering why everyone is running around. Time to come in for dinner? Dino will get there when he gets there. No exceptions.

So it was a bit of a surprise when Dino's wild side came out yesterday. Cassie came out to the barn to kick my butt (posting trot. no stirrups. three beats up and one beat down. my groin is NOT happy.) and Dino seemed to be his usual self warming up on the flat.

Then we started jumping.

The warm-up "trot fence" turned into a canter fence. Which turned into an exuberantly-executed canter fence. Which turned into full-on Wild Stallion Jumper Mode, and resulted in me being unable to execute anything remotely resembling a rollback turn because Dino was going just Way Too Freakin' Fast. I got hit in the stomach with the pommel of the saddle because he was cracking his back so hard over every jump. Multiple times. And I was unable to finish the last course Cassie set for us because as Dino jumped the third-to-last fence, I lost my stirrup in his over-achieving leap and he then proceeded to gallop around uncontrollably for approximately five minutes.

Then I made Cassie get on and flat him, because clearly, he still had energy to burn. She declined to jump him because in her words, she "didn't want to die."

He took off with her, too. I forget if that was before or after the bucking.

I think he's trying to tell me he's ready for some speed classes.


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