Rainy Day Activities

On a rainy Sunday, a good way to start your day is by sleeping in. Proceed to drinking a large cup of coffee while perusing the Chronicle forums and hanging out with your puppy. Email some guy on craigslist about a horse trailer for sale.

Then, if you're like me, you'll get dressed and go to the barn anyway, even though it's miserable and wet outside. You are just that dedicated.

You (like an over-excited 13 year old) will have been inspired by a thread on braiding you just read, and will bust out all your braiding gear to practice your skills, because you're giddy with excitement about the possibility of taking your pony to a show this season, even though you'll probably show in the IttyBittyTeenyWeenieSticksOnTheGround jumpers, and no one actually ever braids for that. But you don't care. Because your pony is gonna look AWESOME.

This is my first attempt at big fat jumper-style braids. I think they came out ok for a first try! Definitely not show-ring tight and even, but I think I got the method down.

"Do I look good or what?!"

A close up of some of the better ones

The full effect! I love the loose forelock, it makes him look like a studly jumper stallion.


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