Hair Club For... Ponies?

Dino is still shedding.

This is good!

However, he's not really growing in a summer coat. Despite the fact that you can literally see his belly hairs blowing in the breeze, his chest is now covered in a pitiful peach fuzz of the last bits of winter fluff, and he has a bona-fide bald spot on one shoulder, and another on his face. Cushings does that, apparently. We're going to have to adjust to a new 'normal' when it comes to shedding. At this point I'm hoping for a slicked-out pony by July, but the continued shedding combined with a lack of new growth does concern me a bit! I don't want D-Money to be naked.

Which leads me to the question... is there a Hair Club For Ponies? Does anyone have a toll-free number I can call? Spray-on hair? Something?

We're getting desperate.


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