A Serious Talk

Dear Dino,

I've noticed your inner ear fluff is falling out. Way to go, man! And nice job on the shedding white markings and muzzle hairs, too.

But we need to talk.

It's February 17th.

Everyone else in the barn is full-on total-body shedding at this point. This is so that by the time spring rolls around, they'll all be slick and shiny and ready for warm weather. Last year you were WAY behind the curve-ball.

This resulted in body clipping. That four hours of standing in the wash stall getting a terrible haircut? Remember that? That was because a certain pony decided that shedding on time was not on his list of Important Things To Do.

So I implore you, my dear sweet four-legged furry child, to get crackin' with the hair loss. I don't want to body clip you. You don't want to be body clipped. I find grooming shedding ponies extremely satisfying. You shedding out on time is a win-win situation, my friend.

Do it for me.


Your Mama


  1. Awww! Don't worry Dino. Darwin hasn't started shedding out either and Poppy still resembles a hairy mammoth.

  2. throw on a heavier blankey so he will think its warm and time to shed...

  3. Shy has started shedding, but she still has a looong way to go!

    Hope Dino starts his shedding soon!

  4. No worries. Digby hasn't started shedding at all yet!


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