Better Living Through Chemistry

It's been about six months or so since my world was turned upside-down and Dino was diagnosed with Cushing's and PSSM. Since then we've started him on medication and changed his diet in hopes of controlling and even eliminating his symptoms.

I think it's working.

One of the hallmark symptoms of Cushing's is the inability to shed the winter coat on time, completely, or at all. Over the past couple weeks or so Dino has started to shed out a few hairs of his winter coat here and there every time I groom him. I've noticed it starting on his legs, near his sheath, his blaze, around his lips, and below his stifles. I'm not getting curries full of hair off of him yet, but it's still tremendously exciting. Dino didn't start to shed at all last year until about March, so this is a really big deal. However, he does wish that I wouldn't spend so much time scrubbing around his man-parts in an attempt to get as many fluffy white hairs to come off as possible.

Maybe this year I won't have to make him suffer through a really embarrassing haircut in the spring!


  1. I think everyone else might appreciate his really embarrassing hair cut though. ;P


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