PONY'TUDE APPROVED: Tipperary Sportage Helmet

This is Michael. (Say "Hi," Michael.)

Michael is wearing his brand new Tipperary Sportage helmet, and looking awesome. He's a guy who cares about his brain, but also cares about not looking like some fancy-dancy english rider who wears spandex pants. He's all about cowboy boots and plaid shirts.

Enter the Sportage: an approved, affordable, helmet that crosses disciplines. It keeps Michael's brains from exiting his skull should he take an unfortunate fall, and it's modern carbon-fiber shell and close-fitting design is manly and sporty enough to satisfy his need to look cool while protecting his grey matter. The style of the Sportage is appropriate for english, western, trail riding, endurance, jousting, driving, and polocrosse. And have I mentioned that this helmet is affordable? It cost us $60 at our local tack shop, which is a FANTASTIC price for such a well-designed piece of gear. Especially when you compare it to the $400+ GPA that adorns my head because nothing else even remotely fit me. But you don't have to spend that much to be safe and look amazing! You can get a Sportage!

While there are a lot of online and catalog retailers that carry Tipperary helmets, this is one item that I STRONGLY suggest you check out and try on in person at your local tack shop with the help of someone knowledgeable about helmet fit. Correct helmet fit is essential. A size too big or too small, or a helmet that is the wrong shape for your head, can mean the difference between walking away from a fall without a scratch and a serious head injury. If your helmet doesn't fit, it won't protect your brain. So if you're interested in getting one of these fine brain buckets, use it as an excuse for a shopping trip and go try one on!


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