What I Am Thankful For, by Dino

1. Food. I am thankful for food. Hay and grain and grass and snacks. Speaking of, Mom, why do you not give me Peeps anymore!? I should get more Peeps.

2. My friends. Even though Charlie is kiiiiind of annoying wanting to play with me ALL. THE. TIME, I like hanging out with him. Most of the time.

3. My family. My aunties and grandma come to visit and give me scratches and snacks and tell me I'm awesome, who wouldn't be thankful for that?!

4. My mom and dad who, I'm told, go to this place called "work" every day which somehow makes it possible for me to have food. Which is really, really important, so I GUESS I'm thankful for "work" too even if it means they can't spend every minute of the day with ME.

5. You, my friends on the interwebs! Without you, no one would be spreading the word about how absolutely awesome and good-looking I am, so keep up the good work!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone! Be safe, and have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family, two and four-legged! (And don't forget to give your ponies Thanksgiving TREATS!)


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