Sometimes, I make mistakes.

I know! It's totally shocking! You thought I was completely perfect in all things pony, didn't you? Well you were WRONG!

Because the other night I did something completely lame and loser-ish and kind of embarrassing to admit. But I'm going to tell y'all about it, because I need to be honest with you. Because that's the kind of relationship we have, right?

Dino and I went for a ride. And he was a pretty darn good little guy. But at the end of the ride, I was trying to get him to transition to the halt without lifting his head up in the air, and he wasn't doing it, and I got frustrated. And I yanked on his poor little mouth and probably did all kinds of things that were completely confusing and made no sense to his pony brain and basically rode like a drunk monkey.

And I felt awful. I had let my frustration get the best of me, and took it out on my pony. Which is number one on the list of totally-uncool things you should never, ever do.

Thankfully, ponies are forgiving. I apologized profusely to my little buddy and gave him hugs and kisses and rubbed down his legs with liniment and promised him I'd be better to him the next time. And the next night, we had a GREAT ride. I concentrated on keeping a good position and making sure I gave Dino clear instructions, and that he understood what was expected, and that was it. No fancy stuff. No worrying about how round he was. Just very simple transitions. And he was happy, so I was happy, and because I wasn't riding like a moron, he even offered to go round on his own.

I'm so glad ponies don't hold grudges.


  1. Who hasn't gotten angry at their pony? It happens all the time, especially with Poppy because a) I cannot bribe her with food while I'm riding and b) She chooses when and how to listen to me (yes, Mom, I know I did a perfect canter transition two minutes ago but now I am SO over that).... So we just exchange angry words, stick our tongues out at each other, and go on a trail ride.


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