This edition of PONY'TUDE APPROVED brought to you by the fact that sometimes things are trendy because they're actually awesome, not because some random marketing person or fashion designer thinks it should be the next cool thing.

I recently jumped on the Dansko Clog bandwagon, and I don't think I'm ever jumping off. These shoes have been incredibly popular with trainers, barn workers, and horse people of all kinds, as well as anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet for quite a while, and now that I've invested in my own pair, I can see why.

Michael: Please don't be mad that I put my shoes on the kitchen table to take this picture. I cleaned it really well afterwards!! (Also, I tried to clean them and make them pretty, but the paper towel just got lint all over them. sigh.)

These are my Danskos. And I wear them just about every day. As a vet tech, I spend practically all day, every day, on my feet. The first week or so of my tech job I wore sneakers to work, and my feet really hurt at the end of the day. I decided that the sneakers just weren't going to cut it, and I had heard so many good things about Danskos that I figured they would be my best bet as far as work shoes were concerned.

My feet practically sing when I put these things on. While they aren't at all soft or cushy feeling, they support and protect your feet like none other. After taking a little while to get used to the loose fit and hard sole of the clogs, they have become my most comfortable pair of shoes. Danskos support your arches, joints, and back,  and help prevent fatigue in these areas if you stand and walk for long hours at a time. I find them to be perfectly balanced without pressure points on the balls or heels of my feet, and the stiff leather uppers make them perfect for barn wear as well as work wear. No squished toes if you happen to get stepped on!

Combined with the fact that they come in about a million different finishes and colors, and are extremely durable, Danskos are a near perfect shoe for those who teach lessons, muck stalls, groom horses, run horse shows, or anyone who spends a significant amount of time standing and walking each day. They will set you back at least $100 a pair, but in my opinion they are more than worth it! If you decide you'd like to get your own Danskos, I suggest you find a store that carries them and try them on instead of ordering them. Each individual pair fits a little bit differently, and it may take a little while to find "your" clogs, even if you try several pairs on in the same size.  Your feet will thank you. And you'll be fashionable.


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