Life's too short not to eat pine trees.

Are the kids still saying that these days? YOLO?

In any case, I did a thing.

I have been, for literal years, waffling about buying a dressage saddle. When I first started eventing it definitely wasn't a necessary purchase, and as I got more firmly entrenched into the sport, my extremely practical nature insisted that my jump saddle was more than sufficient for my goals of not dying at BN.

And for a long time, it was. And probably still is.

But I just couldn't shake the idea, and especially as I got Dino back into work this spring, I realized that while my jump saddle was, really, just fine, a dressage saddle would definitely help my position be a whole lot more effective on the flat.

So, with a very small budget and the help of brilliant personal shopper and tack 'ho Leah, I pulled the trigger on this bad boy:

It's BROWN, it FITS, and I'm OBSESSED.

When I started shopping, I knew that I wanted to try and stick with the Prestige brand since the tree of our jump saddle just works so well for the shape of Dino's back, and after trying Kim's Prestige dressage saddle on him and seeing how nicely it fit, I started looking for one of our own. After just a few days of searching online, Leah found me this stupidly-low-priced beautiful older model in brown, which was like a dream come true, and it made its way to me.

And right out of the box, it's pretty much a perfect fit for both of us.

Yup. I like that. 
I love how it lets my leg hang DOWN, and it gives me access to so many more useful parts of my thigh! I wasn't sure if I'd like the very small blocks, but the saddle puts me in such a nice position that I don't need huge blocks to keep me there. Dino works well in it, and we're both pretty darn happy with the improvement in my position. This saddle was maybe a bit of a frivolous purchase, but you only live once and I'm glad I took a chance on it! Here's to more (and better) fancy prancing this season.

**I also guesstimated poorly on the girth size, so if anyone wants this very nice Collegiate synthetic shaped dressage girth in brown, size 24", hit me up!


  1. 😍😍 it makes me so happy that it's perfect for you guys, and in brown even! Shopping for other people is fun because I'm not spending any money but I still get to ride that vicarious high from an ideal tack match 😂

  2. Congrats it looks great and I TOO estimated poorly on the girth choice for my monoflap. I really thought I had measured right and was like....wait...what?? when i tried it on remus it was HUGE. I had to send it back and get a smaller size :)

    What a pretty saddle too! YAY! Life is too short not to do frivolous things once in awhile :)

  3. Yay!!! I adore my prestige Dressage saddle :) also, not sure what size you need in a girthbut I have a brown TSF girth in an 18” that I’d be willing to part with!

  4. BROWN dressage saddle makes my hunter princess heart go pitter patter <3

  5. YAS i just gotta say, it's about time! ain't nothin frivolous about that - you and Dino have been killin it in your dressage for a while now. it's totally reasonable to invest in tack that will only help you continue to excel! plus, #drooling at the brown ;)

  6. It's gorgeous!! So pretty! I feel you about the position! It certainly helps to have a saddle that will aid you in that!

  7. Ooh it's so pretty! Congrats!!

  8. Oh pretty! Congrats on the perfect unicorn find!


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