Wonder Pony doing what he does best: being a badass trail horse
On Saturday, Dino turned 20. So, naturally, I took him to the state park for an adventure.

Park adventures are one of Dino's favorite things, and while I can't speak on his behalf, in my opinion it was one of his best birthdays yet!

We skirted certain danger in the shape of a giant sinkhole, bushwhacked through narrow deer trails when our usual route was cut off, crossed the river (twice!), encountered a kayak while in said river, galloped down wooded paths and through open fields, and generally had a hell of a time.

Dino grabbed snacks at every step of the way, and at one point was carrying an entire tree branch with him down the trail, shaking it around just because he could. He felt happy and confident and strong, and it was so special for me as his person to be able to give him the gift of a day spent doing what he loves for his birthday. As we flew down the trail in the hot sun, tall grass brushing past in a blur, ready to tackle whatever lay ahead, uncontainable joy spilling out everywhere, I called out to our friends behind us:

"THIS is why we ride horses!"

Happy Birthday to you, Dino. My friend, my teacher, my freedom. I hope we have many more years on the trails together, and I treasure every moment  spent behind your ears.


  1. Aw happy bday Dino!!! That ride through the state park sounds magical and like exactly the perfect way to celebrate the wonder pony who does everything!!

  2. Happy birthday Dino! What an amazing gift for him :)

  3. Happy birthday to the wonder pony! And what a testament to your excellent care that he's still rocking around better than some horses half his age 😁

  4. Happy Birthday Dino! 20? I can't believe it!

  5. What a happy day! Happy birthday Dino!

  6. Happy Birthday Dino! I love how much you love your pony <3

  7. Oohhh so fun! What a happy birthday, indeed!

  8. I absolutely love this! Happy belated birthday to the WonderPony!! <3


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