Welcome To the Blogosphere "Zero Foxes Given"!

I'd like y'all to meet my best friend, Amanda.

Amanda is a foxhunter. She lives in Georgia. She's also an all-around badass, wicked smart, fabulous human being, and a while ago she asked if she could write a guest post on my blog.

"You know what would be better?" I said, "STARTING YOUR OWN BLOG!"

So she did.

And that, my friends, is Zero Foxes Given!

Please join me in giving her a very warm blogger welcome! I think you're gonna love her.


  1. oooooh thanks for sharing your friend's new blog, checkin it out now!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Will add her to my blog roll!

  3. Oh awesome! I'm definitely checking it out!

  4. oh great i always like new blogs. And you will have a ball with doing your own blog, Amanda!! I swear it is addicting! :) Welcome!!

    I was like wait that is not DINO up top then I was like ohhh :) HA HA HA I have moving brain!

    love the blog name too! KUDOS!


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