Worst Weekend Ever

So let's talk about that time my pony colicked/got ulcers/gave me ulcers.

On Friday morning my barn owner, Donna, texted me and said that Dino wasn't acting like himself when she brought him in from turnout. He had been laying down in the field, and was acting a little colicky. We agreed not to feed him, and Donna said that in a short while he was acting like himself again.

Okay, no big deal.

Until I got to the barn that afternoon and found my pony in a staring contest with his belly and pawing at the ground, looking generally miserable. Additionally, he wasn't at all interested in food.

my poor buddy with a tummy ache :(
I called the vet immediately.

Dr. Erin, the same vet that treated Dino for his scratches, came out right away. We sedated the pony and she performed a rectal exam and tubed him. She didn't feel anything twisted or out of place, thank goodness, but thought he likely had a mild impaction and some gas. We pumped over a gallon of mineral oil and five gallons of water into his stomach, shot him up with some Banamine, and I proceeded to spend my night at the barn waiting for my pony to poop.


Dino finally passed some manure at around midnight. I went home, exhausted, to sleep for a few hours before heading back to the barn in the morning.

And upon getting his breakfast, Dino started acting painful again. Great. I called Dr. Erin, and walked Dino until she arrived. We sedated/rectaled/tubed him again. At this point, there was pretty much no food in his system, so the vet was pretty sure we were now dealing with stomach ulcers.


So we pumped him full of electrolytes and water, and started ulcer treatment.

Dino responded really well to the ulcer treatment, and was able to graze without pain. I was still wary of colic, though, so I didn't give him a ton to eat on Saturday night...

And so on Sunday morning, he got painful again right after eating a few bites of breakfast.

Starting to see a pattern?

Thankfully he rallied after getting some food in his belly, and did well until dinnertime, at which point he hadn't had anything to eat for about four hours.... You see where this is going. Another tummy ache, another frantic text to the vet. Thankfully, the meds started to kick in and Dino began grazing. As he ate and filled his stomach, he felt a whole lot better.

The plan now is to keep hay and/or grass in front of him at all times and continue medicating for ulcers to allow his stomach to heal. As of this morning, Dino has not had any stomach pain and is eating well. Ulcers aren't the worst thing that could have happened, but it's absolutely horrible to have to see Dino in pain.

I'm exhausted in every way, shape, and form. The past three days have been a blur. MY stomach is upset from worry. And this whole thing has been just awful. I am, however, so thankful for all of the support and prayers Dino and I have received over the past few days. My friends and family are truly amazing! Jess has been there with me every step of the way, everyone has been praying for us, and my mom even came down on Saturday night to bring us dinner and hang out while we monitored Dino.

Right now I'm cautiously optimistic, as Dino had a good report from Jenna, who fed him breakfast this morning. Hopefully we have seen the last of the severe ulcer pain, and Dino will be on the mend. I appreciate any prayers, good vibes, or healing energy you want to send our way!


  1. He was not impressed with paparazzi, was he?

    happy healthy thoughts sent your way.

  2. Good vibes being sent your way! That's so scary. Fingers crossed for him going forward!

  3. I've dealt with the exact same thing before, so you have my sympathies!

    1. Gahhh the ulcers masquerading as colic!?!? THIS IS HORRIFIC. I still can't quite get over the "my pony could die at any moment" colic-worry, even though I know it is 'just' ulcers now. Ugh ugh ugh. Thanks for the sympathy, sister!

  4. SO SCARY!!!!

    Glad your pony is on the mend!

  5. Aw poor Dino :( I'm glad he's feeling better and I hope you don't get too many ulcers from the ordeal!

  6. Glad you caught it early and he's being treated! We went through the "This has to be colic of some sort!" cycle for a week before diagnosing a perforated ulcer in Red. It's definitely scary. I'm sure Dino will be back to good in no time.

  7. I hope you're both back to 100% very soon!

  8. Ugh :( I'm sorry!! I hope everything gets better soon!

  9. Poor boy :( Hope he's feeling like himself soon!

  10. what a horrible time for you and him. Hoping for swift healing!

  11. Upside is that halter looks absolutely fantastic on him. Good choice.

    :-/ Tummy trouble is no fun for anyone.

    1. Why thanks, blue is his color, and the padding is so classy.

  12. OMG I am so sorry :-( although. I am glad it's ulcers and not colic of course. Sending healing vibes your way!!


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