Transformations: Niamh's Informal Blog Hop

Niamh, whether you like it or not, we're making your "Transformations" post into a blog hop!

Go check out the original post on Life of Riley to see how much Niamh and Riley have improved in their time together!

Dino and I have been together a long time - for a semester in college, and now going on four years together since I've owned him. But since we had a 2.5 year break in our relationship in between, I'll start with when I first adopted him from Del Val and brought him home in November 2010.

Fall/Winter 2010:
A stunning specimen, amiright?!
Spring 2011:
What in all that is holy is going on here?!

Fast forward to 2014:

So, yeah. I think we've improved.


  1. Woo hoo! Awesome transformation! Thanks for playing along! Are you coming to Carousel Sunday?

  2. Holy moly the difference is amazing! And his tail like, exploded in length!

  3. Dino looks like a rockstar these days

  4. I absolutely love that last jump picture.

  5. He literally doesn't even look the same! You've done an amazing job!!

  6. Looks like a different horse, way to go!

  7. Thank you everyone!! Although it's partially the result of training, most of Dino's transformation has come from good veterinary care & management. Diagnosing and correctly treating all of his various diseases and conditions has made a night and day difference for him, and allowed him to blossom!


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