Guess who now owns their very own XC vest?!

Me, that's who!

awkward vest selfie...

It fits pretty darn perfectly, too, which I consider rather fortunate since I never even tried one on before sticking my money in the mail to Cara at MNEquestrian. A good scrub with some laundry detergent and it'll be show-ready!

On Tuesday Dino and I also happened to agree on the afternoon's activities:

Me: Hey D, wanna go down the road and do a conditioning ride in the big field?

Dino: Hell yeah. Let's roll.

The field had been mowed for what I'm almost sure was the first time all summer, so I took advantage of the good conditions. We did 3x around trotting each way, and 2x cantering. By the end of the ride both of us were drenched in sweat and quite tired. The good kind of body-tired that makes you feel like you've accomplished something.

It was also really interesting for me to do a conditioning ride after having had the experience of running cross-country. Now I actually somewhat understand what sort of balance and pace I need to be shooting for, and what a cross-country course requires of us. I practiced getting up out of the saddle on the flat and uphill parts of the field, and then smoothly sitting and balancing downhill. It was an excellent exercise that told me I need to get a bit fitter, and also allowed me to practice riding in half-seat and then settling down into a full seat before a fence.

All in all, a very worthwhile outing.

Unfortunately between an awkwardly-scheduled work appointment that ran late and the rather uncomfortable 90-and-humid weather, I didn't get to ride yesterday. Hopefully this afternoon will allow for a good flat ride.


  1. woot - it's official!! the day my vest arrived from ebay was a very happy day indeed :) your conditioning ride sounds like it was a blast. i definitely need to get out and do more of those, tho izzy can be a maniac in the field by herself...

  2. Yeah, congratulations! You're legit!


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