Miss Me?

I'm back on the grid, y'all.

The past week was spent lounging on the beach, reading novels that have absolutely nothing to do with horses, running on the boardwalk, drinking lots of white wine, and laughing. It's amazing what 7 days of unplugging and surrounding oneself with sun, sand, and ocean does for the soul. I feel very refreshed.

It was a beautiful time, but I missed my boys! Max was soooooo thrilled that Mommy and Daddy were home, although he does absolutely adore Miss Jess, who stayed with him while we were gone.

Classic nose-between-paws napping stance. 
Dino had gotten good tummy reports from the barn girls all last week, and knowing that Jess was keeping a watchful eye on my boys allowed me to really and truly relax on vacation. She's just the best. D-Money is officially done with his ulcer treatment, so fingers crossed he's healed enough at this point to get back to normal. I need to get to the feed store at some point today to pick him up a bag of alfalfa cubes, but for now at least he's got a small-hole hay net to keep him munching all day long.

And he really, really likes it.

I mean, I can't tear him away from the thing.

I think maybe he likes the extra challenge.

At this point, the pony has had about 2.5 weeks off, and I'm itching to get back to work! He has lost a little muscle over his topline (dang Cushing's...) and is a little thrushy in both front feet (dang no hoof-picking for a week), but other than that is no worse for wear. I'm not sure when I'll get to ride yet this week since so far I've got home inspections and showings out the wazoo, but I'll get on him at some point!

Looking ahead, I'm still undecided about the starter trial at Burgundy Hollow at the end of September. I know it's still a month away, but the past few weeks have set us back a bit in our training, plus I still don't know exactly how much my vet bill will be and how I'm going to work out paying it. Also I need to buy myself my own XC vest. I do have the October 12 starter trial at BCHP firmly on my calendar. Then after that... we play it by ear.


  1. YAY vacation! Glad pony man is doing well!

  2. Welcome back! I'm on vacation for a long weekend over Labor day, and super in need of it.

  3. Welcome back from vacay! Glad Dino is doing better!

  4. Burgundy is so chill and easy, you absolutely must do it. And I think that will be our last show of the season, so now you REALLY have to go!

  5. glad you had fun, and what a relief that the ulcer treatments worked so well for Dino. He'll bounce back in no time :)


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