A Happy Post About Pretty Things: Dark Jewel Designs

Every king needs a crown

I know I'm not the first person to review Dark Jewel Designs browbands, and I'm certainly not using mine at the moment, but I did want to share about my recent purchase/birthday gift to myself!

I'd been wanting to get Dino a fancy browband for his snaffle bridle for a couple years (friends, I have finally gotten past my Hunter Princess "no bling EVER" issues), and a local friend had even offered to make me one, but we never got around to choosing and purchasing beads and actually making the thing. Amelia's work came highly recommended, and the price was in budget, so I reached out to her earlier this summer to ask about a custom browband for His Royal Highness.

Amelia was SO lovely to work with! Once I had made my purchase on Etsy (a brown, curved browband in Full size - the Cob size browband on my snaffle bridle fit Dino just a bit too snugly) she reached out via email to chat about colors and design. I told her I wanted shades of green and gold, more olive and earth-toned than bright or deep greens. She sent me at least six different options and offered insight as I whittled down the choices until I picked the final design. 

When it finally arrived in the mail, it. was. PERFECT.

The quality of workmanship and materials is absolutely flawless - the leather on the browband itself is honestly better than that of my Collegiate bridle. Amelia takes no shortcuts! The beads are gorgeous and sparkly and tightly sewn to the browband. It feels sturdy and durable, and so far has held up beautifully with just a wipedown with a damp rag after each ride. The colors are exactly what I wanted - an earthy enchanted forest vibe - and to be honest, for the price I was astonished by how high quality the whole thing was. I could have easily paid at least double the cost for another brand, but nothing comes close to Dark Jewel Designs' exceptional work! 

And it looks GREAT on Dino! The colors are totally perfect on his chestnut coat, and the shape and size is a better fit for his head, giving him more room for his ears behind the crownpiece of the bridle. I have gotten so many compliments on this browband since I bought it, and can confidently recommend Dark Jewel Designs to anyone who is interested in a custom piece like it. There is simply no better value for the quality of the work and exceptional customer service from business owner Amelia!


  1. Amelia's the best! I love what you chose, it looks gorgeous on Dino!


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