Everything Is Different

One thing that hasn't changed: These two are still BFF's.
The past couple months have been exciting and exhausting and chock full of major life changes.

Y'all are already aware that I bought a house and moved, and have done and am continuing to do lots and lots of work on said house. Living room, I'm comin' for ya.

As mentioned briefly in a previous post, I've started a new job as well!

Exactly two days after I moved into my new house. So. That happened. And it's been a period of serious change and adjustment to a totally new routine in so many ways, which is challenging in and of itself. But knock on wood, so far the new job is GREAT. I'm working in the office of an ambulatory equine vet practice, and I basically get paid to talk about horses all the live-long day.

Real money, even.

I've been putting my all into learning the systems, procedures, and ins and outs of what it takes to make the practice run like a well-oiled machine, and so far I've been enjoying just about every minute of it. The folks I work with are kind and funny and truly dedicated to helping horses and their people, and the canine coworkers that hang out with us all day are pretty great, too. It's a BIG change from my super-flexible work-from-home real estate job, but it has also alleviated all of the stress and pressure that comes with working in a commission-based sales position.

The commute is a price I'll happily pay in exchange for an interesting job that comes with a guaranteed paycheck and doesn't follow me home!

So while I continue to settle into my new house, new town, new job, new commute, and new barn routine, I've given myself permission to not feel guilty if I can't get out and ride every day, or blog with any kind of frequency. There is just a LOT going on here, especially with Christmas fast approaching, and I'm okay with giving myself the grace to find my sea legs in this very different life I've thrown myself into.

That said, I'm looking forward to getting back into the blogging groove and continuing to share Dino's and my next adventures!


  1. wow that's a huge deal - congratulations! the new job sounds fascinating and exciting and like a whole different kind of energy, i hope you love it more and more as you settle in!

  2. Oh girl, I feel this! We bought a house and I started a new job a few days later too -- the change is tough, but SO WORTH IT. I'm glad you're starting to settle in :D

  3. That's a lot of new stuff thrown at you, but you are definitely someone who can handle it all! The new job sounds very cool :)

  4. Sounds like a lot of great changes, even if the routine takes time to settle into. Congrats on the new job!

  5. So many changes! Sounds like they're all really positive though, so that's definitely a bonus! Enjoy the holidays, and I can't wait for you to come back with tales of your adventures with Dino :)

  6. I'm so excited for you! So many good changes. :-)

  7. When I finished grad school and had only my job that was a job I could leave at work, I realized how much it felt like a vacation. I hope you experience that with the new job!!

  8. Wow that's a lot of change! But it all sounds SO exciting and fun. I love how quickly you're tackling to-do projects in your house. So many of my friends who are new homeowners have taken agessssssssss to do the things they said they would and it baffles me lol. That you're doing it with the new job and everything? Freaking wonder woman!

  9. How did I miss this blog post? I kept wondering what your new job is CONGRATS I am jealous that sounds fabulous. I am happy for you and it will all settle down hopefully after the new year. Love the photo of Max and the schnauzer :) Happy Holidays to you!!


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