A Time In My Life When Scabs Were Really Exciting

In the midst of all the exciting moving and home renovation, Dino's wound has been healing quite nicely! We're at the scabby stage, and despite the fact that he somehow manages to knock the dang scab off every few days, it's really making quite an improvement.

Here's how it's developed since my last wound update:

Still some granulation tissue, but WOW check out how that new skin is growing in from the edges! At this point, I made the call to leave it unbandaged to allow a scab to form. I was not disappointed.

Gloriously dry and scabby! YES! Grow scab, grow!

Knocked the scab off and it bled a bit, ugh, but still lots of new skin slowly growing in from the edges of the wound.

And today! Dry, healthy scab and the new skin is getting darker and closer to the color of the healthy skin around it. The narrow tip of the wound is just about totally healed. Bell boots are helping keep it protected when I ride, and we are on track to return to jumping and trail riding and hunting soon! 


  1. ugh i hate that this wound turned into such a big deal but glad that it's healing so well finally!! gotta love them scabs ;)

  2. It always makes me laugh how excited us equestrian get at the weirdest things. YES A SCABBY SCAB!! hahaha

  3. It looks awesome!! ...for a gross scabby healing wound that is lol

  4. So glad it's looking much better! Can't wait to hear about your guys' next adventures when you can really get back to it! Btw, your kitchen looks FANTASTIC. I'd stand in the middle of the room and stare as well lolol.

  5. I guess he thought you just needed a nice break.

  6. Omg so lucky bells work to protect it! Glad this is looking so freaking good!


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